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We're the local event venue you're looking for in Shreveport, LA

Built in 1927, the building that houses the Agora Borealis is an amazing historical location. Our local event venue is a well-known spot in the Shreveport, LA area. The original decorative tin-tile ceiling, turquoise cement floor, and exposed brick walls all come together to create a beautiful private event venue.

Make your event a hit by hosting it in an incredible space! Email us now to reserve our event venue.

How can you use our space?

How can you use our space?

With enough space to comfortably seat 60 people, our local event venue is great for all kinds of activities. You can use our open-concept space to host:

  • Pop-up events
  • Celebratory events, showers, and parties
  • Tribute services
  • Private art showings
  • Concerts or live music nights
  • Weddings or wedding receptions
  • Private dinners for your company
You can even use our space as a unique filming location. If you'd like catering for your event, we're more than happy to recommend excellent local chefs and restaurants that will add local flavor to your table.

For more information on our private event venue, click the link below.